Bin Tan

I am a fourth year Ph.D. student at the School of Computer Science, Wuhan University under the co-supervision of Prof. Nan Xue and Gui-Song Xia.

I'm now interested in 3D reconstruction and scene representation with geometric structures.

Email: tanbin[at]whu[dot]edu[dot]cn

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Recent News

[09/2023]: One paper (NOPE-SAC) is accepted to IEEE TPAMI!


* indicates equal contribution, indicates the corresponding author

b3do Volumetric Wireframe Parsing from Neural Attraction Fields
Nan Xue, Bin Tan, Yuxi Xiao, Liang Dong, Gui-Song Xia, Tianfu Wu
Preprint, 2023
arXiv / PDF / video / code

We present a neural 3D wireframe reconstruction approach without explicit line segment matching.

b3do NOPE-SAC: Neural One-Plane RANSAC for Sparse-View Planar 3D Reconstruction
Bin Tan, Nan Xue, Tianfu Wu, Gui-Song Xia
IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), Accepted, 2023
arXiv / code

We present a novel Neural One-PlanE RANSAC framework (NOPE-SAC) that learns one-plane pose hypotheses from 3D plane correspondences for sparse-view planar reconstruction.

b3do HoW-3D: Holistic 3D Wireframe Perception from a Single Image
Wenchao Ma, Bin Tan, Nan Xue, Tianfu Wu, Xianwei Zheng, Gui-Song Xia
3DV, 2022
arXiv / code / video

b3do PlaneTR: Structure-Guided Transformers for 3D Plane Recovery
Bin Tan*, Nan Xue*, Song Bai, Tianfu Wu, Gui-Song Xia
ICCV, 2021
arXiv / code

We present a novel model, PlaneTR, that simultaneously leverages the context information and global structure cues to recover 3D planes from a single image.

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